At the beginning of 2017, my two “sisters from another mister” and I planned a little trip to the City of Angels!  I had been there for only an afternoon when I was around 13 or 14 years old, so I didn’t get to fully embrace the city! This trip we took on Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Malibu in just 4 days!

Los Angeles is known for their museums, its unique personality as a city and of its people, as well as for its cuisine and overall beautiful skyline and mountain views.  I wouldn’t call it the most beautiful city, but the most interesting one.  Born and raised in San Diego, California definitely has a special place in my heart and LA is just so much fun especially with the girls!

1. Hollywood

On the first day we explored Hollywood and although it was raining, we had a great time!  We started with the Hollywood Walk of Fame, checking out our favorite actresses’ and actor’s stars like Ryan Reynolds, hahaa :p, we explored the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood boulevard and the Dolby Theatre, and lastly, we ended up at The Grove Mall for some window shopping and food. Here we just took some pictures and tried these delicious lemonades from this famous restaurant in LA, Lemonade, of course!

Sweater | Adidas Super Stars | Leggings

(Scarf was a gift & I cannot remember where I bought the blouse, but probably Forever 21!)

2. Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, and Melrose

We had a BIG second day full of walking and photo taking.  We took an Uber over to Beverly Hills and started our day there! We visited Rodeo Drive, The Beverly Hills sign, and the Beverly Hills Hotel.  From there we went to Downtown LA, where we check out the Urban Lights at the LACMA museum, The Broad (which was completely sold out and ended up being a fail, but oh well!), and eventually ended up on Melrose Avenue taking photos at all of the “Instagram” worthy walls.

We had THE best time in Beverly Hills! We walked up and down Rodeo Drive, window shopping and snapping pics, made our way to the iconic Beverly Hills sign and even took a short 20 minute walk :p (haha you had to be there) to the Beverly Hills Hotel, which was divine.  From there we snapped some Instagram worthy shots and made our way to lunch. Since it didn’t take us the whole day to explore Beverly Hills, we took an Uber downtown and checked out the Urban Lights at the LACMA Museum! The Urban Lights are an iconic outdoor art exhibition that is not only great for photos, but also particularly famous! Basically we stood in the same spots as Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman in “No Strings Attached” and had a “fan moment.”

Velvet booties | Leggings

(Bag from Italy, Scarf was a gift, and sleeveless sweater is from The Gap)

Melrose is where we finished our day! I got to visit my first Nasty Gal store, where I picked up some goodies on sale, took some pictures at the Paul Smith Pink Wall, and ate some FABULOUS cupcakes at Sprinkles, where we even got to use the Cupcake ATM, it was super cool! Later that night we took an Uber to Marina Del Ray and had some LA local Sugarfish for dinner, which was absolutely worth the drive and the expense! I would say this was pretty much my FAVORITE day in LA.

Velvet booties | Leather cuff sweater blouse | Leggings

3. Venice, Santa Monica, and Malibu

On our third day, we did Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Malibu… OH and we got some killer Mexican food! Being from San Diego, I had to make my way to the beach, the Pacific Ocean specifically! We had like a 40 minute Uber drive over to Venice Beach, where we walked the whole boardwalk making our way to the Santa Monica Pier.  The boardwalk was filled with kiosk vendors selling art, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. and lots of people exercising from Rollerblading to lifting in the iconic Muscle Beach area.  At the Santa Monica Pier we checked out all the amusement rides, made our way down to the ocean, and FINALLY got to dig in to some really good Mexican food at this authentic place, El Cholo.  Despite the weird name, the food was delicious (I even have a photo of my burrito, but I won’t share that! LOL)

White cropped jeans | Adidas Superstars

(Blouse: Blush or Ohm Boutique)

After a margarita filled lunch with the girls, we took about an hour Uber over to Malibu Farm Pier and scoped out the beautiful views and windy day.  This was also one of my favorite places because not only was I surrounded by the ocean, but it was so picturesque and beautiful. Malibu Farm is an organic, natural cafe and restaurant right on the Malibu Pier, really couldn’t get any better.  We ended our day here and with only one day left to go in LA… we were tired, happy, and full! LOL

4. Bottega Louie and Hollywood Sign Hike

On our last day we stuck to one excursion, but first we had a fabulous brunch at this high-rated Italian restaurant, Bottega Louie!  Bottega was just beautiful!! The open format restaurant is decorated in marble and gold and has a beautiful French bakery attached to it where they sell pastries, cakes, and macarons.  We really enjoyed the food & the waffles & lemon pancakes were to DIE FOR! LOVE LOVE LOVE! But lets get to the real activity of the day: The Hollywood Sign Hike!

When I first traveled to LA I wanted to do the Runyon Canyon hike, but after realizing you couldn’t see the Hollywood sign from the hike.. I went in search of one where you could. You could even hike up to right behind the sign, which had great checkpoints for photos and background shots.  Overall the hike was fun and a great workout although we didn’t get anywhere near the sign or to the top, but we always have next time!

LA is such a great city.

There’s always somewhere to go or something to see and I would definitely go visit again! Whether you live in LA or are looking to visit, I highly recommend checking out any of these places! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to LA!

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